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 Press Release below of a Sands DR-1 appearing in a film.  Note - Non-UK visitors may not be able to view the Channel 4 links. 
PRESS RELEASE - Fighting The Red Baron

Forthcoming TV Appearance Of our sensational Fokker Triplane in "Fighting The Red Baron"
 A Film For Channel Four 
On Friday June 4th 2010 - Channel 4 - 9pm

 To see a trailer of the film  Visit
  Channel 4 Website <http://www.channel4.com/programmes/fighting-the-red-baron%20> 
G-FOKK Appears in Channel Four Film - "Fighting The Red Baron"
 We were delighted to assist in the making of this amazing film for Channel 4. 
 Two Red Arrows pilots set out to recreate the challenges the aviators of World War 1 faced, 
 flying original WW1 aircraft, to find out how this pioneering form of warfare changed so rapidly 
 during the conflict 
* They fly original WW1 aircraft, 
* carry out the key challenges the plane took on in the course of WW1: 
* Try their hands at photo reconnaissance, artillery ranging and bombing missions, 
* The finale is a classic dogfight in replica period aircraft  - 
* including our very own Fokker Triplane - kitted out with camera guns. 
Our great friends Matt Boddington & Steve Slater allowed the  Biggles Biplane <http://www.biggles-biplane.co.uk>   Hanger at Sywell to be used for filming purposes, and a great time was had by all.   
Further information on Jasta Binks Aviation, including air displays, aircraft restoration, aircraft repairs, replica construction consultancy and a host of other interesting things can be found at our website www.jastabinksaviation.com <http://www.jastabinksaviation.com/index.html> 
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